After a long day of work, you can place your feet in the foot spa for a refreshing soak and massage.
Product description
1.The portable foot bucket adopts a space-saving foldable design, suitable for small living rooms and bathrooms.
2.Take care of your physical and mental health anytime, anywhere. Durable, lightweight, leak-proof and heat-resistant, it is an ideal choice for your family.
3. There is a hump at the bottom of the portable foot bucket, which can relieve muscle tension, improve health, promote blood circulation, and dredge the meridians.

Material: TPE
Type: Footbath
Style: Simple
Color: Green, Blue, Pink
Shape: Geometry
Size: 44.5cm*34cm*8cm/17.52inches*13.39inches*3.15inches
Package: 1*Footbath


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