1. Soft and comfortable water-friendly synthetic nubuck upper strap. We make the sole out of hard, waterproof rubber.
2. Arch support flip flops for men give you a refreshing feel of satisfaction every time you slip your feet into your thong sandals.
3. Shock absorbing mens flip-flops. Herringbone Rubber outsole gives you durable strong traction control.The bottom is made of durable rubber tread that grips easily to surfaces.
4. Flip flops are water friendly, protecting and durability so you don't have to worry about a little water bringing you down. The mens flip flops will keep your feet comfortable no matter where they take you.
5. These flip flops have become a staple for not just summer, but beach life in general with built in comfort and athleticism to withstand any adventure. Use our sandals out hiking, on a boat, at the beach, or even for just walking around the block.
Upper material: PVC
Sole material: Rubber
Size Foot Length(cm),Foot Breadth(cm)
39:24.5 9.5
40:25.0 9.5-10
41:25.5 10
42:26.0 10-10.5
43:26.5 10.5
44:27.0 10.5-11
45:27.5 11

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